Elway Industries, Inc.

Baffled Bulk BagElway Industries, Inc., is a young company managed by seasoned professionals with many years of experience in the bulk bag industry. Our experienced sales force provides direct, capable, personal attention striving to get the order right the first time via our supply chain management. Elway is an active member in the following trade associations: Textile Bag & Packaging Association (TBPA), Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers Association (FIBCA), and Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP). Our Houston warehouse maintains floor stock for repeat orders, or emergency stock for unexpected usage increases or for immediate shipments. We also have a large inventory and next-day delivery options. We have a wide selection of over 200,000 FIBCs in over 150 sizes and styles, custom made FIBCs in 3-4 week delivery times, 8-12 week offshore deliveries, from small orders to full container loads We carry the largest Bulk Bag Inventory in the U.S. with the largest manufacturing partners south of the border.

Elway's Advantages:

Bulk BagsElway's global presence allows to deliver on a timely manner based on the customer's needs. Our production capacity and technical advantage maintain a satisfied customer base, domestic and international. We offer FIBC refurbishing with prompt turn around schedules.

Customer Support:

 We efficiently consult with the customer, analyze the requirements, providing the best possible solution and pricing to deliver the right bag. We also offer a valuation process where we look for opportunities for improvement, a free comparison of the bags you currently use vs. the Elway bags.

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